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    Wifi Lights Kiwi Reviews“This is a brilliant product! I’m glad that it is made of quality bits like Samsung LED chips (best LED lights hands down). I have seen that you are now expanding to Canada and a few other countries. Best of luck, and well done guys! We expect you to go very far”



    “I had researched different Home Automation products over the last year and this is by far the most control over lighting for the least cost I could find anywhere. I’m loving the Open Source API for customisation and further automation as well.”

    -Greg J Hammond

    “I’m glad I got onboard with these early. Quality product, and great service from the guys while I was setting up. I’m not the most technically-able lady, and the support was much appreciated”


    “Awesome. Great for the many ‘social gathering’ I have. Disco mode goes off. Can’t wait for the MUSIC VISUALISATION upgrade soon”


    “I was sceptical and asked ‘The Wifi Lights Team’ a lot of questions before finally getting my lights. 100% Satisfied”